september 26-28, 2023

with post-event geological tour to Banff.

Hotel Arts - 119 12 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0G8

The EOR Technical Collaboration Program (EOR TCP) held its annual meeting and conference in Calgary, September 25 to 29th, 2023.  The five day event included a meeting of the Executive Committee of the EOR TCP on the 25th, followed by three days of research presentations covering the four main research themes of the conference.


The EOR TCP brings together independent, international groups of experts from around the world to lead research that seeks to improve the efficiency of recovery processes, while reducing the emissions from those processes and lessening environmental impacts of production. 


Many thanks to those who attended.


Watch for details on EOR TCP 2024  

What is the IEA Technology Collaboration Programme?

The International Energy Agency developed several individual Technology Collaboration Programs (which operate independently of the IEA) to advance the research, development and commercialization of energy technologies. The scope and strategy of each TCP is in keeping with the IEA’s shared goals of energy security, environmental protection and economic growth, as well as engagement worldwide.

More information on the programs within the TCP is available here: